Founded in 1853, Aetna is one of the oldest health insurance companies in the world. Originally the company sold only life insurance policies, but transitioned into accident and health insurance by 1891. An interesting fact is that the name Aetna was inspired by Mt. Etna, the 11,000 foot high active volcano on the island of Sicily.

Aetna is a very civic minded for-profit organization, having come to the aid of millions in hurricane relief efforts as well as student debt repayment programs. They are also at the forefront in the battle against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In recent years, the company has been selected as the most admired company in America in the health care industry (insurance and managed care category) by Fortune magazine.
Through a recent series of mergers and acquisitions, Aetna has broadened its ability to offer quality coverage to even more people globally. In the United States, they are one of the most competitive insurers in group employer insurance as well as individual coverages including Medicare and Medicaid plans.
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