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Enter zip code & compare rates to find how much you may save!

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    CompareHealth made the process simple for us, because finding good health coverage was mentally exhausting.
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    The phone representative helped me find a plan that allowed me to keep my doctor and get some financial assistance towards the Blue Cross plan premium.
    Jason B.
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    They spent time with me on 3 separate occasions to educate me on all the good options available. I like their approach. They also made enrolling very easy.
    Sandra N.

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We offer plans from numerous health insurance companies. With fast search access to hundreds of plans we're sure to find a plan just right for you.

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We are established. Compare Health was founded in 1998 and has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for all of our tens of thousands of clients.

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We provide guidance through the process. Get advice from a caring expert at no cost or obligation to enroll.

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We can help you save a potential average of $784 per year on AVERAGE.
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