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Only the highest quality plans quoted in your area. In any of the 50 states and U.S. territories. Thousands of satisfied clients nationally.
Lowest possible prices, company direct rates.
Make sure your doctors are in the plan network.
Make sure to quote any supplemental, dental, vision or other coverages that could be advantageous, and at the best rates.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

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    CompareHealthQuotes made the process simple for us, because finding good health coverage was mentally exhausting.
    Doris A.
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    The phone representative helped me find a plan that allowed me to keep my doctor and get some financial assistance towards the Blue Cross plan premium.
    Jason B.
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    They spent time with me on 3 separate occasions to educate me on all the good options available. I like their approach. They also made enrolling very easy.
    Sandra N.
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    Very helpful and informative through the process of obtaining coverage, would highly recommend.
    Brian V.
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    Turned out to be much more affordable than I was expecting for what I wanted.
    Giovanna B.
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Why Work With Us ?


We have been contributing to our clients financial success since 1997, and have encountered nearly all medical coverage situations imaginable . Over 175,000 clients insured.


Primarily we are an educational resource , and are here to help you get the most pertinent info that you need to make informed choices. Our advice, tools and support can help you to decide what is best.


Not sure what answers to ask? We are here to help! We are certified professionals that can help answer any insurance questions regarding you and your family.


Fully disclose all of the options available to you and your family, as well as the prices- with no hidden fees or agendas. Just the facts.


Will work with you as your needs may change over time.


We measure our success by a high level of client satisfaction, listening first before making any recommendations. And then help you find an appropriate solution.

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